Message from the organizers

Rotterdam – famous for its bridges – will host the first joint RICH/EuraHS-congress which will be held on 11 and 12 December 2014 in congress venue De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

"Bridging the Gap - Evidence based research versus clinical practice"

The repair of abdominal wall hernias is an interesting field of surgical innovation and research. Because so many variables are involved in the outcome of our patients, many questions remain unanswered. Which technique and which medical device to use in a specific patient remains often a difficult choice for the surgeons.

The REPAIR group in Rotterdam has a long tradition in both basic scientific research and large randomized clinical trials. The RICH meetings have since many years been the platform where results are discussed, critically evaluated and the seeds for future research are planted. Evidence based research is the basis for guidelines.

But what is happening in the real world? What is the gap between guidelines and clinical practice?

Several national registries on abdominal wall hernias have been initiated. With their pioneering databases the Scandinavian countries have shown what population based data can provide. Because of the differences between European countries each national registry has its own specificities. With this symposium we want to gather the European expertise both in the basic research and in patient centered outcome research and learn from each other.

The EuraHS is a project by the European Hernia Society that provides an online platform for registration and outcome measurement of abdominal wall surgery. The EuraHS wants to unify our research language both in basic research and clinical practice. It intends to be the supporting structure of the bridge.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to share your thoughts in a two-day meeting during presentations, discussions and workshops. The mantra during these two days will be: collaboration, implementation and contribution of science.

Come and join us. We are looking forward to welcome you in Rotterdam, the city that bridges.

J.F. Lange & F. Muysoms