Club Hernie Database France

J.F. Gillion

Moderator(s): Dick van Geldere (Zwolle, The Netherlands) & Filip Muysoms (Ghent, Belgium)

15:57 - 16:09h at Jurriaanse Zaal

Categories: Session 4. Class of 2013

Parallel session: Session 4. Class of 2013

Club-Hernie is a team of French parietalists, gathering all their anonymised parietal data in both a ventral and an inguinal registries. Each participant must accept and sign the Quality Charter stating that all input be consecutive, unselected, exhaustive, registered in real time in the e-registry, and accept further random controls of the original medical chart.
For this cooperative study, 164 parameters were screened, including the pre, per and post operative data. The follow-up consisted in a M1 visit (+ M3 if patient not asymptomatic) and 1Y phone questionnaire achieved by a clinical research assistant (CRA) independent from the operative surgeon. A clinical control was suggested in case of symptoms. Pre and postoperative quality of life (Q.O.L) were assessed and compared.

From 01/01/2013 to 30/06/2013, 465 VHR were registered in our database by 21 surgeons. Twelve of these surgeons, accounting for 292 VHR participated in the complete follow-up while nine did not provide the CRA with their patients’ address.
Among these 292 VHR, 45 patients (15 %) were lost to follow-up, due to changes in their phone numbers. Only one declined to answer the questionnaire. Two patients died from unrelated diseases. Nine patients were re-operated on: one for obstruction, one for the definitive treatment of a burst abdomen initially treated with absorbable mesh, one for conservative treatment of a peri-prosthetic infection, and five for recurrence. Two other patients answered they had a recurrence but not medically confirmed as they did not attend the clinical control yet. The remaining patients assessed their wound as solid.
Comparisons between pre and post operative Q.O.L were studied on these 292 VHR, while comparisons in between the perioperative items were done on the whole cohort of 465 VHR.

These data are available to be aggregated in a cooperative study.

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